Below are testimonials from dancers, parents, supporters, and our patrons.  We are beyond grateful for your kind words.  Thank you...

Video Testimonial

Eden Reviews:

"Fantastic, POWERFUL performance this weekend! I was so blessed to be there.  Thank you for your hard work and showing God's love through dance. Please add me to your email list."

"...great to see a dance production graced by the Holy Spirit..."

 "Beautiful performance last night!"

Regarding Shekinah Glory and Tenebrae:  "This pair of good and bad...were amazing!!"  "Definitely two audience favorites - love the tension  your commitment to your characters creates during your performances...thanks for sharing your [gift]."

"...Eden was a great experience as always.  We're glad to be a part of this meaningul production!"

"Dawn your incredible!!! Phenomenal production..."

"So Saturday I went to see a performance and what I though was just visually stunning ended up being something that touched my very core...For is so rare feel the emotions from every person during a performance but every dancer directly touched your heart and I honestly ws brought to tears (but I didn't cry doe) at several points of the show.  Thank you Dawn Branch and all the dancers of Dawn Branch Works as well as the performance of Eden..."

"what an amazing third year performance of Eden. i always look forward to meeting and collaborating with new people, as well as with old friends. thank you to all who came to support this amazing production. i'm ready for year 4!"

Other Reviews:

"Ms Dawn always brings the best out of me..."

"I'm so happy with the privates. Dawn is the best..."

"Shayna Tevaga and Dawn Branch--words can not even begin to express my feelings for both of you wonderful ladies. You have inspired, motivated and guided my daughter I more ways then you will ever know. I am so thankful for your support and guidance with Madison over these past few years. I know they will be memorable in her heart FOREVER!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️""

"....simply the most beautiful dancing from the most beautiful choreography from one of the most talented woman I know Dawn Branch!!"

"...see you tomorrow.  She can't stop talking about her first private lesson."

"...I have to tell you.  Mella was selected in a school piece as a soloist lead by Robert Battle, Artistic Director at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, in his Mass piece.  I watched her dance that piece and she was amazing.  But she couldn't be that dancer without you.  You pushed her and gave her opportunities.  She was a mini Dawn out there.  So from one mom to a teacher and one mom to another mom, thank you for your time, love, and craziness you gave my daughter."

"...performance was fantastic - such talented dancers!  And it was appropriate for all ages.  The venue was easy to find, parking plentiful, a small theatre where each audience member could see the entire performance.  I'll definitely look for more from Dawn Branch Dance." (show guest V.N. at Journey)


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